Our company will provide the following equipment warranty and maintenance services to users:
The equipment that our company is responsible for providing: from the date of acceptance of the equipment, the equipment will enter the warranty period of one year ( some purchased goods will be handled according to the manufacturer's regulations ). During the warranty period, our company is responsible for the maintenance of the equipment that has failed. After receiving the user's equipment failure report, if the failure is caused by our equipment, our company is responsible for providing warranty and troubleshooting in time. If the fault is caused by one of the following circumstances, it is not covered by the free warranty, and the user should provide the fee. Our company will help to correct the fault as soon as possible and restore the equipment to normal.
1. The user does not operate according to the operating rules;
2. The user artificially damages the equipment;
3. Our company will provide free maintenance services to users during the one-year warranty period for failures caused by other force majeure factors ( such as lightning strikes, earthquakes, floods, etc. )
After the warranty period expires, our company will continue its after-sales service procedures:
1. In case of wear and tear of wearing parts, the user shall bear the cost of wearing parts and the debugging expenses of our company's personnel, and our company will be responsible for the maintenance of the equipment as soon as possible after receiving the notice and troubleshooting in time.
2. In case of equipment failure, our company promises to call our company at any time for consultation and repair. Please pay attention to the end of the page
Mode of transport
1. All goods are delivered to the customer for installation, commissioning and maintenance free of charge. The maintenance staff told the customer how to maintain the product and how to train the operation standard of the customer's equipment.

2. After all the goods have been installed and debugged, the customer can not leave the site until they have been checked and accepted by the customer

Return and exchange commitment
1. If the user has quality problems during normal use and the equipment cannot be produced normally, our company promises to return the equipment free of charge during the guarantee period.

2. At present, the following situations do not enjoy our company's return commitment.

a. the product was used abnormally     b. stored and wet under abnormal conditions 

c. unauthorized repair     d.normal wear and tear of products e exceeding shelf life

Scope and Content of Support Services
Our company is committed to providing the maximum technical services, including hardware maintenance support services, throughout the project and in all directions.

Hardware Maintenance Support Services: Our company promises to be responsible for the maintenance of any equipment during the equipment warranty period, and users will not pay any fees ( except for mechanical damages and malfunctions caused by user unit misoperation ). After the warranty period of the equipment expires, our company will determine the charging method, maintenance responsibility and maintenance method with the user, and guarantee to fulfill the maintenance responsibility.

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